Top Ecotourism Destinations That Need To Be On Your Bucket List

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It has driven us to put our health and safety before the fun of seeing new places and prioritizing social isolation over summer getaways. With news of the vaccination being confirmed all across the world, we are slowly and carefully beginning to think about travel arrangements after almost a year of self-isolation, lockdowns, and working from home.

We’ve also had time to think about how to travel wisely without endangering the ecosystem. Destinations that promote ecotourism fill that need.

This article will guide you through all about these destinations. So, buckle up and keep reading!

Gunung Mulu National Park, Malaysia

The national park, which is known for its enormous cave networks and abundant wildlife, is tucked away on the island of Borneo in the State of Sarawak. Along with its steep peaks, deep gorges, calm rivers, and unusual geological formations like the Pinnacles, a limestone spire forest, it is also a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Hiking, adventure caving, canopy walking, and other activities are available. Tour guides encourage visitors to contribute to the preservation and protection of the park.

Galapagos Island, Ecuador

This archipelago of volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean is not only one of the most biodiverse locations in the world, but it is also well known for being home to a variety of unusual iguanas and lizards. Interesting fact: A trip to the Galápagos Islands in 1835 served as the impetus for Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.

The islands’ delicate ecosystem is home to thousands of rare and indigenous plant and animal species. Only a small number of visitors who are accompanied by a registered guide are permitted entry daily as part of the authorities’ low-impact tourism policy.

Donsol And Peleliu, Philippines

This national park, pronounced “Thingvellir,” is among the most famous (and well-known) locations on the Icelandic mainland. With mountains on three sides, Lake Ingvallavatn at one end, and lava fields interspersed with greenery, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that provides breathtaking views.

To genuinely believe it, you must witness it. The park, which is administered by the environmental organization Umhverfisstofnun, focuses on the use of sustainable resources to preserve the area’s ecological purity as much as possible to balance the tourist footfall.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The Great Barrier Reef, arguably the largest and most well-known coral reef ecosystem in the world, has been in danger for some time due to pollution, overfishing, and global warming.

The good news is that this varied marine ecosystem, which is home to 1,500 species of fish and 4,000 different types of mollusks, is currently making sluggish progress toward recovery. The reef’s islands have taken it upon themselves to engage in restricted tourist activities that support local economies and provide money for more protection.

Koh Kong, Cambodia

One of Southeast Asia’s most well-liked ecotourism locations in Cambodia. The province of Koh Kong, which is close to the Thai border, is a hidden gem that is home to a variety of rare and endangered species as well as lush mangrove forests, crystal-clear rivers, tropical islands with sandy beaches, and abundant biodiversity.

With the support of the area’s eco-friendly lodging and dining options, tourists may take advantage of the beautiful setting by participating in outdoor pursuits like kayaking, snorkeling, and day hikes.

Monteverde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a paradise for environmentally minded tourists with a ton of ecotourism activities. Additionally, the nation has set aside a fourth of its landmass as reserves, national parks, and protected areas. More than 100 species of animals, 1,200 species of amphibians and reptiles, 400 species of birds, and other endemic animal and plant species can be found in the cloud forest reserve of Monteverde, which means “green mountain.”


All these ecotourism destinations are a perfect holiday escape. These destinations are not only beautiful but also provide you with loads of activities and sightseeing to do. So, if you are planning a vacation, this article is your sign to visit these places. Happy holidays!

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